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By , November 1, 2013 12:00 am

To all residents of Bishop’s Cannings Parish,

The parish council are seeking your views on an important and urgent issue. If action is not taken within weeks, an opportunity will be missed that is unlikely to be available again.

The parish council has the opportunity to acquire some land and provide a range of amenities to benefit everyone (possibilities include a sports pitch, ball court, allotments, new woodland, meadows, ponds and an orchard). Money has been set-aside as a contribution to the community from the many new houses that have been built in the area in recent years. This capital can be used to develop the new facilities, but the future running costs will have to be paid for largely through the parish precept.

The precept is the amount of local tax charged by the parish council and is included within your annual Council Tax bill. This level varies depending on the facilities provided; the national average precept for a ‘Band D’ home is £47.74. Many of the active local communities in this area charge at around this level: Bromham is £44.83; Rowde is £52.20; Urchfont is £65.85.

In Bishop’s Cannings the precept for the average ‘Band D’ home in 2013/14 is £18.56. It has remained at this level for the past ten years; the reason being that the council provides very limited facilities.

We have examined the cost of maintaining the proposed new facilities and have forecast that, together with other council costs, we will require a precept equivalent to just under £1 per week for an average ‘Band D’ home, or £51 from 2014/15.

In absolute terms this does not seem such a large sum to provide the sporting and recreational facilities that we so badly lack (particularly for our young people); but it does represent a large percentage increase on the current rate levied for the parish.

The parish council is only prepared to take such a step if a majority vote from the parish is obtained.

You may wish to make further comments. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the proposition you can contact any councillor using the details published in the monthly Parish Newsletter.

Thank you for voting.


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